Thursday, 9 April 2015

the most importance composition a journey by train for class jsc-jdc-ssc and hsc

the most importance composition a journey by train for class jsc-jdc-ssc and hsc
 this composition is very important 2015-2016 exame.

A journey by train or journey you have made recently

journey by train
A journey is a source of pleasure. A journey train is smooth journey. So it is very charming and enjoyable. On 5th January 2014, I had an excellent journey by train to sylhet. Our college was closed for the puja vacation. I started for my uncle house at sylhet from Dhaka. One of my cousins accompanied me. We brought two first class tickets. We were waiting on the platform for the train. Soon the train arrived. Passing a huge crowd, somehow we managed our seats beside a window. The train started from kamalapur railway station at 10.30pm.

The train ran at full speed. It was a mail train. It stopped only at big stations. I was looking outside through the window. it seemed that all house and trees on both sides were changing every moment. The train reached bhairab bazaar at 12:30am. We sow many passengers and hawked at the station. Some hawkers entered the train and tempted us to buy different things. I bought chocolates and juice. Soon the train started with whistles and we began to enjoy the rhythmic sound of the train. I also visited all the compartments through the internal passage that gave me a lot of delight.
Many passengers were talking of many matters of their own life. Some of them talked about our national politics. In my compartment, the young man sitting at may lift side wanted to know about my journey and me. I told him and he told of his own self.
After a long journey, at last the train reached sylhet in the morning. I got my uncle there. I felt very excited. My joy knew no bounds. He took us to his residence. It was a very pleasant journey indeed. I enjoyed the journey to my satisfaction. I well remember it forever.

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