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write an english composition natural beauties of bangladesh

write an English composition natural beauties of BangladeshNatural beauties of Bangladesh

natural beauties of Bangladesh

write a short composition:  Bangladesh is a colorful country. She is called the darling child of nature. As she is a country of moderate climate, she is blessed with many natural beauties.

The vast Bay of Bengal i9s situated to the south of Bangladesh. Green trees, birds, chirping, yellow corn crops etc make our mind fulfill. Green trees fill up our eyes and birds chirping.
fulfill. Green trees fill up our eyes and birds chirping.

The natural scenery of the village draws a general picture of thrilling. Our eyes are charmed to see many natural beauties all around us. When we go to the padma, The Meghan, jamuna, the Karnafuly Rivers our mind becomes fresh and we forget all our sorrows. The water lily blooms in the canals and in the beels and hoards during the rainy seasons.

The local area of the east is decorated with tea gardens. A large number of green parrots come to these tea gardens and that makes the scenery more beautiful. Especially the guest birds make the scenery more beautiful. The seasons get changed after every two months. During the summer season thousands of juicy fruits are found in our country, people can fill their belly b eating different kinds of juicy fruits like:- mango, jack-fruit, pine-apple etc.

After the summer season the rainy season comes. In the rainy day the village farmers get together to gossip. They become jobless. The roads become muddy.

After the rainy seasons, the autumn comes with a fine and clear sky and the sheuli flowers. All the time the white clouds remain in the sky in this season.

In the late autumn, the villagers get rashi rashi golden paddy in their houses. The villagers arrange a party for getting new crops called Nobanno utshob’

After this season, the winter comes with the dewdrops and trees without leaves, various kinds of pitas (homemade cakes) and date juice etc. when the dew falls of the grass and the morning sun lightg shines on it; it looks like diamonds.

The spring comes with the cuckoos singing. Many flowers bloom in these seasons. I think all people like the spring season.

In every season, Bangladesh is decorated with different natural beauties. I love my country very much.
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