Monday, 4 May 2015

Early rising in the morning english paragraph

  Early rising in the morning English paragraph: now reading the English paragraph about early rising in the morning.very importance of early rising in the morning paragraph for Bangladesh examination.
          Do you rise early in the morning?
                   How is the environment in the morning ?         
         What does an early riser feel in the morning?  
          What does an early riser fell in the morning?
                   How does a person get benefit from rising early in the morning?
 How does an early riser earn more than late riser?

Thursday, 30 April 2015

reading the English composition about Population problem in Bangladesh

Population problem in Bangladesh composition

reading the short composition: The rapid growing population in Bangladesh is a provocative question of today. This problem has assumed serious proportions. It has created difficulties in every sphere of our life. As it is a serious problem, we have to solve it for the sake of our existence.

Bangladesh is a small country of 55,598 square miles; but now the total population is more than 15 cores. The density of population per square mile is 1926 according to the census –of 1987 mile. The quantity of land per head is .25 acre only, but it should be at least 2 acres. The annual per capita income is

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Write a English composition about Dangers of drug addiction or drug addiction

Write a English composition about Dangers of drug addiction or drug addiction

Dangers of drug addiction or drug addiction essay

drug addiction
Write in the short composition: The other name of drug is medicine. However, when it is used indiscriminately with a view to making the user’s nervous system inactive, it is addiction. Some of such drugs are path dine, morphine, phencidyle, etc. some are produced direct for intoxication such as cocaine, heroin etc.

It has become a serious national problem in recent times. Up to the sixties, it was a problem of the industrially developed capitalist count
ries of the west. Since the end of the sixties, it has

write an English composition/essay about The season I like most or spring in Bangladesh

importance composition spring in Bangladesh education for class psc, jsc, ssc, hsc Examinees.

The season I like most or spring in Bangladesh essay

write an essay: Bangladesh is the playground of nature. There are six seasons, come one after another. Each season has its own beauty, rhythm and feature. I like spring most as it is the loveliest of all the seasons and hence it is called the king of seasons
The months of Falgun and Chaitra from the season of spring, It comes between winter and summer.
Nature seems to adorn the earth with green leaves and lovely flowers. During the winter, the nature becomes dull and dry. However, with the advent of spring nature takes a new look and life. The trees and plants become adorned with new leaves, new buds and flowers.

write an English composition about Rivers of Bangladesh

importance composition in Bangladesh education for class psc, jsc, ssc, hsc Examinees.

now write an English essay about Rivers of Bangladesh

write the short composition: write Bangladesh is a land of rivers. She has more than 230 rivers. These rivers have flowed over this country. Our agriculture, energy sector, waterway communication, economy, trade etc are greatly dependent on our rivers.
Bangladesh has many rivers. The Padma, The Meghan, the Jamuna and the karnafuli are the main rivers. Besides these, there are many small rivers in our country. The Buri ganga, the shitalaksha, the gomuti, the

write an english composition about The uses and abuses of satellite channels

now write an English composition about write an English composition about The uses and abuses of satellite channels
importance composition in Bangladesh for class psc, jsc, ssc, hsc.

The uses and abuses of satellite channels

write the short composition: Satellite TV or dish TV is one of the most well-known means of entertainment at present. Millions of TV viewers throughout the worlds watch satellite television. The viewers of satellite TV ranges from kids to old people.

There are Many programmers that are broadcast on different TV channels. The contents of satellite channels are varied. They include items from sports, movies to news and entertainment. Various channels offer ample scope for both knowledge and entertainment.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

write an english composition natural beauties of bangladesh

write an English composition natural beauties of BangladeshNatural beauties of Bangladesh

natural beauties of Bangladesh

write a short composition:  Bangladesh is a colorful country. She is called the darling child of nature. As she is a country of moderate climate, she is blessed with many natural beauties.

The vast Bay of Bengal i9s situated to the south of Bangladesh. Green trees, birds, chirping, yellow corn crops etc make our mind fulfill. Green trees fill up our eyes and birds chirping.