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write an english composition about The uses and abuses of satellite channels

now write an English composition about write an English composition about The uses and abuses of satellite channels
importance composition in Bangladesh for class psc, jsc, ssc, hsc.

The uses and abuses of satellite channels

write the short composition: Satellite TV or dish TV is one of the most well-known means of entertainment at present. Millions of TV viewers throughout the worlds watch satellite television. The viewers of satellite TV ranges from kids to old people.

There are Many programmers that are broadcast on different TV channels. The contents of satellite channels are varied. They include items from sports, movies to news and entertainment. Various channels offer ample scope for both knowledge and entertainment.

Satellite channels broadcast some useful programmers. They include BBC. CNN and discovery programmers etc. the programmers of these channels help us in various ways. These channels help us in various ways.

Satellite channels telecast not only educative but also entertaining programmers. Beside cultural programmers, we can enjoy many cinemas. Telefilms, movies, play through them. With the help of satellite, we can watch many intentional summits, conferences, events and sports.

But most satellite channels telecast some programmers which are not suitable for us as well as our kids and teenagers. These programmers may have a long-term negative effect in their tender minds, while channel surfing they may chance upon such shows which/as are not meant for them. At present it our guardians. For this reason, some especial measures must be taken so that these channels are not broadcast.

Satellite television has other effects too. It has now come as a cultural aggression for many countries and societies. With the advent of satellite television in Bangladesh, the behavioral pattern of many city dwellers has changed. It is threatening the age- old values, enriched culture and tradition of our country.

Youths, particularly teenagers are exposed to various international satellite channels and it is a serious threat to our culture and tradition. So the government should permit only and moral values.

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