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composition on Students and social service for class psc,jsc,ssc,hsc

Students and social service essay/composition

This composition is very important for class inter mediate and senior school certificate psc-jsc-jdc-ssc-hsc in Bangladesh board question 2015

Students are devotees in the temple of learning. The first and foremost duty of students is to study seriously with devotion. They should try to gain knowledge and experience, which will enable them to play their role in society. In fact, student life is the life of preparation- preparation for the struggle of life that lies ahead. To make them well fitted for the struggle, they must equip themselves with proper education.

In an underdeveloped country like ours, the students can do many things along with their study. At times, they can be engaged in social services. Mass illiteracy is a great problem. In these fields, our students can make a distinct contribution. In town, they can run night schools for adults and when they go home during long vacation, they can install new life in the villages by starting they can night schools, clubs, gymnasiums and the like. They can explain elementary rules of health and found small health centers. They cal also warn the people about the danger of population explosion.
Student must be ready to respond to the call of their country. When a country is face to face with a natural calamity like flood or famine, they can render social service by giving help to suffering humanity. They may collect money, clothes, blankets, foods act. Go to the flood and famine affected area and help them distributing this money, and materials. Here they may take part in community development projects. Even in communal riots, they can rescue people in danger even at the risk of their own lives.
Even the importance of boy scouts, guides, rover scouts and Bangladesh national cadet corps is immense. If they are trained up in such branches of learning, they would be molded up to render their social services wholeheartedly. Only they will win the love and confidence of the people.

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