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write a english composition Unemployment problem in Bangladesh for class inter mediate and senior school certificate psc-jsc-jdc-ssc-hsc in Bangladesh

Unemployment problem in BangladeshUnemployment problem in Bangladesh essay/composition

This composition is very important for class inter mediate and senior school certificate psc-jsc-jdc-ssc-hsc in Bangladesh

unemployment problem in bangladesh
Doing a certain work to earn one’s livelihood is called employment. Unemployment which means the state of not having a job to earn one’s livelihood. Unemployment problem is a curse and it has become acute in our country. In Bangladesh, there are different reasons for unemployment problem. Bangladesh is an overpopulated country. As a result, government is not capable of providing employment for too many people. Our education is not capable of making skilled people and there is a great difference between our education and professional proficiency. The mills and factories cannot provide employment for our large population.

People of our country hanker after dignified job and some people just want to become officers only. Some people just want to become officers only, some people dislike laborious job and so they remain unemployed. Unemployment problem in Bangladesh causes many social problems like drug addiction, drug business, terrorism, hijacking, extortion and so on. Unemployed people of our society have to lead a miserable life and they become the burden of the nation.

To solve the unemployment problem, government as well as nongovernment organizations have to take pragmatic initiatives. We have to foster industrialization and establish new mills and factories. Vocational education should be encouraged and introduced. We should increase the rate of literacy so that people can be conscious of our country overpopulation. Above all, people of over country should be more industrious and should follow the exams of developed countries.

Our educated young generation should change their attitude to life. They can start small business of their own such as poultry farming. Cultivating fish, growing vegetables etc. in fact, and self-employment is a possible solution to this great problem.

Unemployment problem is social curse nation. Our government should take pragmatic steps so that we can utilize our human resource for our own improvement.

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