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Write an English composition Employment of women or women’s role from past to present

Write an English composition Employment of women or women’s role from past to present

importance composition in Bangladesh for class psc, jsc, ssc, hsc,

employment of women

write the short composition:  About fifty percent of our people are women. In the past, the employment scope for our women was very limited, but day by day, it is increasing. Now they are being employed in various sectors in the country.

Earlier, women could not go out of the four walls of their homes and get themselves employed in the society. Their position in the family and in the society was much ignoble. Their jobs were only to work as mothers, wives and house keepers. They would give birth to and bring up their children.

But at present, they are playing important roles in all spheres of our country. They are no longer confined within their parents or husbands’ houses. They have come out of their kitchens’ there working hand in hand with men in all the development works and programmers of the land.

Now our women have joined our whole workforce. They are also contributing a lot to their families with their income. They do both their household works and work outside of their houses. They are contributing a lot to our economy and the nation. After receiving higher education and trainings, they are employed as teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, administrators, pilots, engineers, and so on. Many of our women are employed in our family planning and health sector. They work in rural and urban areas.

The lion’s share of the foreign currency in Bangladesh comes from ready-made garments industries. But these industries are mainly dependent on women.  90 percent of the garment workers are women.

However, there are still some barriers to their employment as well as self-employment sectors. They are negligence towards them, low pay for many of them, insecurity etc.

As time goes by, the scopes for women employment and their contribution are increasing on. Our government and other concerned bodies should see to all of their employment related problems and solve them.

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