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Write a English composition about Dangers of drug addiction or drug addiction

Write a English composition about Dangers of drug addiction or drug addiction

Dangers of drug addiction or drug addiction essay

drug addiction
Write in the short composition: The other name of drug is medicine. However, when it is used indiscriminately with a view to making the user’s nervous system inactive, it is addiction. Some of such drugs are path dine, morphine, phencidyle, etc. some are produced direct for intoxication such as cocaine, heroin etc.

It has become a serious national problem in recent times. Up to the sixties, it was a problem of the industrially developed capitalist count
ries of the west. Since the end of the sixties, it has
spread to the least developed countries like Bangladesh. The number of user of such drugs had been increasing at a galloping rate for several decades. At present, the most violent threat is terrorism and the second is drug addiction.

Acute unemployment, miserable poverty, political unrest, lack of social security, lack of any particular aim in life-these are the reasons for drag but they become habituated. Thus a lot of our young men and women, even teenager, have become addicted to different kinds of drugs.

Drugs have terrible effect in human body. It carries the addict to unreal worlds of dreams. The addict feels drowsy, loses appetite and feels like smiting. The poisonous effect of drugs is dangerous. They damage the brain and the internal function of the body and ultimately lead to death.

The perfect strictness of law must be continued including death penalty fo drug smuggling. Steps have to be taken to treat and rehabilitate the addicted ones. No medicine should be dispensed without prescription. Young generation must be made aware of the dangerous effect of drug taking parent must be careful more about the education and upbringing of their children. Government should set up more remedial centers to give proper service. A countrywide campaign against drug addiction should be undertaken immediately.

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