Monday, 4 May 2015

Early rising in the morning english paragraph

  Early rising in the morning English paragraph: now reading the English paragraph about early rising in the morning.very importance of early rising in the morning paragraph for Bangladesh examination.
          Do you rise early in the morning?
                   How is the environment in the morning ?         
         What does an early riser feel in the morning?  
          What does an early riser fell in the morning?
                   How does a person get benefit from rising early in the morning?
 How does an early riser earn more than late riser?

Early rising English paragraph

Early rising is a very good habit for several reasons. It is quite congenial to health of body and mind. It is such a good habit that brings immense pleasure to a man is life. The man who rises early can keep all the day’s work under his control./ some physical exercises and walking in the morning refresh both his mind walking in the morning refresh both his mind and body. He can enjoy natural beauty. This improves his health and increases his ability to work. Besides, it sharpens his thought and sense of beauty. Then he becomes keen on thinking about the creation. This makes him wise. This habit also paves the way of beginning the day’s work early. He gets more time to wake and can earn more and thus becomes wealthy. The man who does not rise early in the morning always feels lethargic and bored at work. He can never be punctual to carry out his daily activates. And he remains far away from being rich. Truly speaking. Early risinmg is the source is the health. Wealth and wisdom.

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