Monday, 6 April 2015

the most importance paragraph traffic jam in Bangladesh for class jsc-jdc-ssc and hsc

Traffic jam in Bangladesh.
traffic jam is a big problem in Bangladesh. now see traffic jam paragraph. it is most importance paragraph for hsc candidate. so now write this paragraph.

a)      What is traffic jam?
b)      Where does it occur?
c)       What are the factors behind traffic jam?
d)      How do drivers cause traffic jam?
e)      How do vehicles with different velocity cause road block?
 f)       How do rickshaws contribute to traffic jam?
 g)       How can traffic jam be solved?

Traffic jam is a common picture in cities and towns of Bangladesh and it has negative impacts on our life and economy. It means a long line of vehicles’ stranded on the road. There are several causes behind traffic jam. First, many
drivers are not aware of the rules and regulations of driving and many others are not willing to abide by traffic rules. Then, vehicles of various velocities ply on the same road and it slows down the movement of vehicles. Reckless driving and illegal parking sometimes cause traffic jam. Besides, our cities do not have spacious and sufficient roads. The consequences of traffic jam are very serious. Office going people fail to reach their working places in time. Ti causes the loss of office time and eventually it hampers office work or production. Students often cannot attend their classes and thus it hampers their academic progress. But the most tragic impact of traffic jam is that ambulances carrying critical patients cannot reach the hospitals and clinics timely. 

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